The world is a wondrous place, and golf becomes a magical game when seen through the eyes of a child.   As adults, we sometimes forget the joy that this game can bring. However, the Kids Golf Podcast, an initiative of the Afriyea Golf Academy in Uganda, is here to change that.

Produced by, with, and for young golfers, the Kids Golf Podcast brings together young people from around the world to share the common bond that is golf.

On episode two of the show (set to release on Sunday, July 30), Uganda meets Australia as host Christian chats with Jayneil Rudrappagari, a member at Glenelg Golf Club and the recent winner of the innovative Tee Mates series in Adelaide.

Jayneil discusses his goals in the game, his biggest inspiration being Jason Day, and how he prepares for tournaments.

It’s the kind of golf conversation you would expect to overhear on the putting green at any golf course in the world, but it’s happening between youngsters whom we rarely get to hear from. The goal of the Kids Golf Podcast goes beyond just golf. The plan is for the young talents of the Afriyea Golf Academy to produce the entire show, from hosting and recording to editing, publishing, and marketing. This podcast is expected to provide a valuable learning experience, equipping these young individuals with skills that will prove useful well beyond the world of golf.

So tune in for the golf chat and perhaps reawaken that inner child, experiencing the game through eyes as fresh as a just-cut fairway.
Profile of the Guest on the Second Episode:

Kids Golf Podcast
Guest Name: Jayneil Rudrappagari
Age: 11
Year Joined Golf: 2019
School: Mitcham Primary School
Club Member: Glenelg Golf Club, South Australia
Host: Christian Musabe
Age: 12
Country: Uganda
Afriyea Golf Academy