Disability Program

Golf is a sport for everyone. Regardless of age, gender, physical conditions, or physical challenge, it’s a great way to build friendships and to exercise, while providing an opportunity for personal challenge and growth. There is no reason why the sport shouldn’t be enjoyed by all, including those with disabilities. AFRIYEAGolf Academy wants to encourage all golfers to play the game, regardless of any disability that they may have. There are many organizations for disabled golfers throughout the world offering opportunities for disabled athletes to learn the game, to play and to compete.

We believe golf is a therapeutic, social and psychological treatment for everyone but the disabled people they need it more than any else and that is why the academy mirrored it as an important area to be fully incorporated in her program

The academy organizes both special clinics and general group training for for the disabled children and this has helped in creating social networking among the children and parents.

This program has yielded success in increasing the students’ self-esteem, confidence, respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity and perseverance

Our academy excellence is secretary hidden in its DNA of partnership with organizations/associations/ golf clubs/companies etc. We are therefore open to different forms of partnerships that can great impact change in the lives of the children.