Street Golf Program

Golf is a game that is widely known for the rich and corporates. Surprising many children in the various parts of the world just yearn to see and hold the club which they call the “stick”

The Afriyea Golf Academy has started a revolution to provide access to golf by going into the streets to introduce golf which has enabled over 50 young people to access the game. These are helpless due to poverty levels languishing in their homes due to lack of jobs, education and access to better opportunities.

With AFRIYEA Golf academy being known for using golf to provide opportunities to all classes of people in numerous sectors namely education, environment, and social skills, it looked at introducing an all-inclusiveness campaign labeled “Street Golf” comprising of people of all abilities.

The campaign aims at visiting innumerable streets around Uganda with an effort to disseminate knowledge about golf and actualize the academy’s objectives. Above all, we offer communities an opportunity to use golf equipment for which they thought would never happen in their lives thusly creating closure and building rapport with the common person.

Street Golf is a first of its kind initiative in Uganda which focuses on networking and interacting with the individuals on ground. Particularly those that have a false mentality about the game of golf and those interested but have no access to the golf premises or chances to ever play due to multiple limitations.

Our main objective in this course of action is to offer accessibility of golf services to the most deprived in society. Individuals will learn how to hold and swing a golf club as well as the other equipment available. Street Golf also emphasizes uplifting lives by speaking out on issues of society for example domestic violence, gender-based violence, poverty among others.

As the academy continues its pursuit of change, it encourages other individuals to join in support for the cause.