By Nicole Wheatley I London, UK

Two of the leading forces in sustainability have come together to create an intercontinental partnership that will support the development of golf in Uganda.  Under the 2 year agreement, Greenup Golf will provide AFRIYEA Golf Academy with its sustainable tees made from a unique coffee waste based compound.  The tees will be used by the youngsters at the academy and will also be available for golfers in the area to buy direct from AFRIYEA creating an important revenue stream for the academy.

“We have been so impressed to hear about AFRIYEA Golf Academy and the work it is doing in Uganda to promote sustainability education in the local community,” explains Co-founder of Green UP Kristian Kohn from Denmark. “We both care about the future of the planet and about golf itself.  As our ambitions align so easily, we are delighted to be involved and do what we can to support Isaiah and his team.”

Greenup is a Danish business that collects coffee waste from local cafes and restaurants and combines it with a plastic-free biomaterial to create a compound that can be used to manufacture biodegradable golf tees.  If a tee is lost on the golf course, it breaks down naturally and actually contributes to healthier grass growth thanks to the nitrogen and phosphorous found in coffee.

“Having a partnership with Greenup is great for the Academy on so many levels,” explains founder of the AFRIYEA Golf Academy Isaiah Mwesige.  “Obviously we can use the tees to play golf, but we can also use them in our environmental education.  I know the children will be excited to learn more about the products and the science behind them.  We rely upon the support of businesses and generous individuals to deliver our education programmes, so we can’t thank Greenup enough.”