School Golf Program

The Schools Program is meant to make golf entertaining, inclusive, and enriching for young people. Our activities teach life skills and urge students to consider how they may use them outside of the playground. At the local golf club, students are urged to have a memorable and delightful experience. We believe that connecting students to golf through the in-school program with facilities engaged in delivering best-in-class junior golf programs is the natural next step in growing youth participation in the game of golf. This will help to further introduce the sport and assist in developing a passion for golf.

This program is inertly created at changing the morals/conduct/behaviors of the children whilst using golf as fundamental change for life.

May golfers say that the friends you make during a game are friends for life This means that the benefits of this sport is beyond the physical benefits where by helps the little ones to build relationships with other boys and girls, making new friends in a wholesome setting.