Academy Annexes

Academy Annexes

The development models of the afriyea golf academy This was created by academy experts following a thorough investigative research into the approaches that have the potential to change the face of golf.

Our development model allows us to collaborate with a variety of golf clubs and educational institutions around the world to establish a solid foundation of junior golf programs in a holistic approach that allows young people to learn all aspects of the game and its benefits as a pathway to meet their career goals, regardless of the path/profession they wish to pursue.

The academy values the children’s interests and offers career assistance to all students so that they can get the most out of their learning.

At the moment, the academy operates two successful annexes one being at Toro and the second one at Masindi golf clubs.

The clubs were chosen as academy annexes based on needs in their respective locations.


This is the first international Annex of AFRIYEA golf academy in Tanzania.

The Golf Clubs

Toro Club- Fort Portal

The reasons for choosing this area as the founding base of the AFRIYEA Golf Academy in 2020 were based on calls from various stakeholders who wanted a one-of-a-kind program to unearth the golf gems of young soldiers in the game of golf who can break into the national team and compete at the continental level in four years, provide education opportunities to underprivileged children, life skills, environmental sustainability, and social economic opportunities.
Apart from golf instruction and education, life skills, and environmental awareness are also provided.

The academy’s selection criteria for clubs as annexes were based on conservation programs for adolescents and children in this region. However, the academy has gone much farther to enrich young people with mentorship and coaching programs that can motivate them on their life journey.

Masindi golf and sports- Serena of Masindi District

Being located in Mid-Western Uganda 230 km from the city Centre in Kampala and 240km from the AFRIYEA golf academy head offices in Fort Portal City.

The academy management found it prudent enough to establish the second annex of AFRIYEA golf academy at Masindi golf and sports club so as to provide opportunities to the community to play golf but also use this program as a mainstream for providing an opportunity for the young and old people who were affected by the war in northern Uganda to come play golf and allay them of the trauma of the loss of family and friends.

Since environment is one of the core programs of the academy, we use the annex of AFRIYEA golf academy at Masindi to carry out environmental sustainability programs such as tree planting, plastic collection, plastic recycling, debates and community sensitization programs.