In the heart of Fort Portal, Uganda, a beacon of environmental stewardship shines bright amidst the emerald greens of the Afriyea Golf Academy. As the world unites in the fight against plastics on this year’s World Earth Day, junior golfers at Afriyea Golf Academy are leading the charge, wielding their clubs not just for precision shots but also for a planet free from plastic pollution.

Under the resolute guidance of CEO Isaiah Mwesige, Afriyea Golf Academy has transformed into a bastion of eco-consciousness, echoing a clarion call for action against the global scourge of plastics. With a steadfast commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, these young athletes are pioneering sustainable practices both on and off the course.

At the forefront of their eco-initiative is a monthly cleanup campaign, where junior golfers, armed with biodegradable bags – and sheer determination – scour the landscape, ridding it of plastic detritus. But their efforts extend far beyond mere cleanup endeavors; they are catalysts for change, advocating for systemic shifts towards sustainability.

Central to their mission is a rejection of conventional plastic-laden golfing paraphernalia. Instead, they embrace innovative alternatives like Greenup Tees which are crafted from coffee waste biomaterials, and metal water bottles, championing reusability over disposability.

Yet, their vision transcends the boundaries of the golf course, permeating into the fabric of everyday life. Encouraging their communities to shun single-use plastics, these young environmental ambassadors are igniting a grassroots movement for change.

In the words of Isaiah Mwesige, “We have had enough of plastics. With over 450 million metric tonnes of plastic waste burdening our planet since 1950, and projections indicating a doubling of production by 2050, the time for action is now. Urgent calls resound for governments to enact stringent policies curbing virgin plastic production and for manufacturing giants to invest in sustainable alternatives.”

“Sports, and particularly golf, have a big role to play in saving mother earth as we celebrate this year’s theme of planet against plastic,” comments co- founder Greenup golf tees Kristian Kohn. “Our company is proud of the small contribution we are making to address climate change. By creating sustainable golf tees from coffee waste we are creating a non-plastic alternative that has the potential to have a big effect from a small change.  Tees are small but they are produced in millions.  It’s time for fewer excuses and more change.”