Youth Livelihood/Skilling

Why Youthful Skilling?

As almost all the developing countries continue to struggle in delivering their promises of skills development for its looming youth population, there are still very huge gaps in basic literacy and numeracy of working age populations, as 750 million people aged 15 years and above (or 18 percent of the global population) are reportedly being unable to read and write, with estimates being nearly twice as large if literacy is measured through direct assessments. Large-scale international assessments of adult skills generally point to skills mismatches as well as large variation in the returns to education across fields of study, institutions, and population groups.

As AFRIYEA we have therefore established youth training programs that are well designed to help them in learning innovations in various areas of climate smart agriculture.

Due to wrong perception of youth on agriculture, we have used the golf sport to inspire many youths to come embrace agriculture by involving them in the food systems which has opened their eyes to all the opportunities in the sector.

Most of the golf academy’s students and the entire surrounding community have been inspired, introduced and trained in climate smart urban farming innovations that can help them to grow food which not only improves their nutrition but their incomes as well.

As AFRIYEA continues to inspire and initiate more youth into urban farming, we face a challenge of inadequate resources to enable us fully equip the youth with knowledge and the best urban farming trainings.

It is upon this basis that we request you to be part of us and support us so as we are able to uplift, elevate, transform and improve the skills and lives of these youths. Every small contribution matters, thank you!

Who we are!

The idea of the academy started in 2019, but it came into full operation in 2020 starting from Toro Golf Club, Fort Portal, Uganda, but with an aim to develop other golf academies in provincial golf clubs in the country and beyond. The academy has been running on resources provided by the founder and some well-wishers in the golf sport and it has enabled more than 100 young people get introduced to the sport of golf.

The academy has also produced one national golf player and so many regional golf players in addition to two female coaches who have qualified to be on the national team for the year 2021-22. One underprivileged child has been able to attain an academic sponsorship through the efforts of the academy while others have gotten golf tournament sponsorships which attracted more youngsters to embrace the academy.

The academy has conducted several environmental conservation projects that are aimed at acquainting knowledge and skills of tree planting, plastic recycling, reuse and proper disposal through environmental debates, cleaning campaigns, story writing, poems and practical work in climate smart farming.

The academy has also signed a partnership agreement with the education department of Fort Portal City to enable it expand golf to learning institutions to continue interesting children to playing and enjoying the sport of golf and the schools will start the inter schools golf tournaments which has never happened in the history of golf in Uganda.

The academy has a long-term plan of establishing the first golf school in the East African region.

There is a very long list of reasons to play golf, but I’ll only list a few:

  1. Golf is a great way to get some exercise
  2. Golf is one of the only sports than can be played long after retirement
  3. Golf is a great way to bond with friends or family
  4. Golf is a great way to relax, and get away from the daily grind
  5. Golf is a valuable business tool, and can be a great way to connect with co-workers
  6. Golf doesn’t need to be PLAYED to be played – hit balls on the driving range, putting green
  7. Golf gets you closer to nature, and further away from your cell phone
  8. Golf can be enjoyed at any age or ability level
  9. Golf is FUN

The object of golf is play the ball from the teeing area, and hit the ball as few times as possible to get it into the hole on the green.

Golf can be an extremely frustrating game, but don’t sweat it! Stay focused on the fact that you are outside in beautiful weather, getting some exercise, and hanging out with some good friends!

For some tips and tricks, we recommend checking out the “Sunday Swing” video lesson series here. Nick Winters, Golf Professional, gives many useful techniques for different golf shots in the series. Also visit our Calendar to find out when the next Free Instruction Sunday is, or Contact Fairfield Hills Golf  Course to schedule a lesson!

Fairfield Hills Golf Course has a very relaxed dress code. We just ask all customers to wear a t-shirt or golf polo, along with pants or shorts. This is a family friendly facility, so please be appropriate.

Some golf courses have a strict dress code, and it’s always a good idea to check with the golf shop attendant when making a tee time what the dress code is at that particular course.




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