We foresee you are precisely happy as we are to see we are only 60 days to the verge of 2022 and swing the page into a new year! Here is our end-of-October newsletter for AFRIYEA  golf academy spotlighting the best panoramas of the week that transpired at the academy coliseum.

As we all had thought we had smartly escaped the world of Corona Virus and here comes a furor of the Ebola Virus which has sullied over 100 people since September 2022 in Uganda. As an academy, we are calling all the parents, children, and stakeholders to circumvent unnecessary gatherings, handshaking, and touching unknown materials and to keep hygiene. 

MESSAGE FROM THE CEO sends Heartwarming appreciation to everyone who has contributed to our set goals and objectives. I am overwhelmed by the love and support you have given to the academy. Without you, this would only be a dream. We are immensely feverish about the new week, we shall be proceeding with our mission of visiting more communities and schools to introduce golf to new schools and ensuring further honing of the skills of the existing students. Wishing you a terrific week forth and a new month.\

YOUR STAR Accentuating the splendid Kamanzi Elijah Ethan: A 12-year pupil from Banyatereza Golden Jubilee Memorial school in Primary Six. A son of Saul & Agnes Kusemererwa who was inspired to join golf by his Dad. Elijah enjoys Driving as his favorite part of the game and he has achieved numerous things including trophies, New friends & better discipline. His dream is to become a physician, doctor, or policeman. Best coach; David Kamulindwa. Best color: Red Favorite Dish: Matooke and pork Best friend: Nshuti Vianey Phillip Best subject: Mathematics Other sports: Football & Volleyball Elijah is one of the very promising talents the country is counting on. He is an unpretentious, benign, and gifted teenager who has elucidated the gigantic odds of a grand champion.

Happy International Art Day 2022:Art has been a powerful part of the human experience for time out of mind. At Afriyea Golf academy, we use art as a tool for students to assert their profound impressions of the natural aspect. International Artists Day honors those creative souls that will leave a record of today for the future that can’t be captured in history books. The day has been created so that we can celebrate the incredible world of art and all of the amazing and creative work that artists around the world carry out. We thus take a moment to reflect on the incredible impact that art has had on our academy and the world around us.

Happy National Mentoring Day: This day is celebrated annually with the intent to heighten awareness of the magnitude of having mentors & role models. At Afriyea Golf Academy, we, thus, appreciate all the geriatric & subordinate mentors that have had an impact on our mission of increasing the participation of juniors from different walks of life to enjoy the game and its inherent values.

Environment♻️ Creating a tradition of sustainable environmental protection where communities are nurtured to partake in raising awareness & activities of conservation is the way forward in protecting nature. At Afriyea Golf Academy, we have exemplified a substantial role in transforming people.

KNOW THE COACHES: Mr.Andrew Mugume was born and raised in Fort Portal. From humble inceptions, Andrew’s golf career kicked off as a caddie where he quickly hoisted to distinctive incarnations to play for the national team and coach at Afriyea golf academy. Andrew’s passion for golf was observed to be above and beyond playing for himself to win ? which gave rise to his interest to concentrate on coaching the children than playing. He enjoys teaching children below 12 years though he can also train older students. While speaking to the academy writer Andrew said I want to amplify my golf skills to future Superstars in the academy.  “I see the academy producing more talents and spanning a path for young boys and girls of different abilities to access the game of golf, and education which in turn can be used as a vehicle to d better living standards in their homes.”

He concluded.
UBUNTU: I am because we are.

Editor-Sharon Atuhaire-