Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.” —Ken Poirot
All the prosperous people didn’t make it in one day; they accepted those sleepless gloaming, consistency, resilience, hard work, and cooperation with others that share the same intuition and objectives to see them attain success.

As an academy, we have built our organization on analogous doctrines of upholding consistency, hard work, resilience, and corporation.
As we welcome you into a new week, we are ecstatic to take you through some of the vastly enthralling events that took place at AFRIYEA Golf Academy.
Daniel Tucker, the owner of Golf Club Radio Hosted the CEO of AFRIYEA Golf Academy Isaiah Mwesige and Karen Palacious Jansen to dissect the bloc between the American based and the African initiative in growing the game.

Cardio golf has exemplified good results the world over and it now provides free professional workouts to AFRIYEA GOLF ACADEMY which has already illuminated a considerable difference in lowering the scores of the numerous students and also honing the mind portion of the game for everyone in the academy.
Isaiah Mwesige as an academy we are satisfied to be partnering with an organization whose vision is straightforwardly increasing the participation of golfers, improving the game, and fortifying the healthy bodies of students through exercise.

Academy students in a variety of schools are set for their final primary year exams.
On Friday, this week many of the academy students who are in their 7th year got their remarks and best wishes from the academy as they prepare to sit for the end of the year and final exams.
While speaking at the academy, The assistant head coach sent our best wishes to all the students. “This is the time you have been waiting for and please put your concentration on the books and you will make it. Don’t put yourself under pressure to over-read pressure as that may cause a lot of pain.  As an academy, we are so confident in you.

Uganda Open Championship
We also want to extend our congratulations to coach Joseph Cwinyaai who completed in the 3rd Position at the concluded Uganda open championship this weekend at Serena.
Joseph entered this prestigious event as everyone’s favorite and of course and the defending champion. Despite all his effort, he saw a mixture of scores which commenced with a gross 80 on day one, followed by a great improvement by 11 shots on the second day bringing 69 at the par 72 water-shrouded golf course, in day 3 he carded 78, a score that came to as a result of so many unfortunate shots in water hazards and missed inches of putts, His final wasn’t so different from the 3rd day which resulted in 77.

School golf program
In the effort to increase the participation of more golfers in the game of golf in pursuit of diversity, inclusion, and equity, the academy will this week be reaching out to far and wide communities and schools to introduce more pupils into the game, especially in underserved communities that don’t have access and enough finance to play the game of golf.

To test the competition ability and also to create a platform for the children to network, share and connect with new friends.
We have set our second edition of the kids to connect tournament for the year 2022 to take place on Friday 16th December 2022 at Toro club.
If you would wish to support any child with entry fees to participate in this end-of-year tournament that will be great.
Swing with us
Growing the game.
Golf for everyone