Greetings from AFRIYEA Golf Academy,

Did you miss us last week?  We hope so because it’s time to tee off and walk you through the exciting moments we had last week at AFRIYEA GOLF ACADEMY, from training kids, kids’ show on NBS television, a and celebration of mother’s day to Forest day.

Word from CEO

Am thrilled to see the continued growth and success of our academy, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team, members, and partners. As we enter a new week, I want to remind everyone of our commitment to providing top-tier instruction and resources to help our junior golfers of all levels not only improve their skills but their achieve academic goals.

With that let’s delve into the top updates

Our kids are featured on the NBS Television sports show presented by Martin Kaddu.

It was amazing to see how the young golfers confidently share their passion for the sport on such a large platform. This exposure is sure to inspire other youngsters to get involved in the game and help to grow the sport.  We are excited about what the future holds for these youngsters.

In celebration of mother’s Day, we were excited to see so many mothers and daughters out on the course together. It’s inspiring to see more female enthusiasts taking part in the sport and using it as a way to bond with families.

International Forest day

Finally, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to environmental protection by celebrating the world forest day

Today, we join the global community to celebrate International Forest day. We celebrate the beauty and importance of the world’s forests and the essential role they play in sustaining our planet as we call it here at the academy #GolfersForThePlanet.

While many of us may have visited the forest and enjoyed a round of golf or walk. It’s crucial to recognize the more profound significance of the forest. The ecosystem and wildlife provide essential oxygen to clean the atmosphere and act as a shield against devastating natural disasters. As an academy, we recognize the vital role that forests play in maintaining a healthy and prosperous nation; as such we work tirelessly to educate young people to take action to protect the environment by planting trees and picking plastics. We believe that when we teach young people about the values of environmental protection, we can work together to create a sustainable future.