AFRIYEA– Atuhaire sharon 22, a 3rd year student at kyambogo university Born to Mr and Mrs Miramago Hezekiah of Fort portal city narrates how she became attracted to golf.

It was after she found out about AFRIYEA golf academy through the CEO Isaiah Mwesige who was a friend about a year ago.

“I have always loved golf and for the academy it was the best place to be” Said Sharon.
“The training is  very fulfilling with alot of learning”. I have had one of the best coaches who is patient but also strict and very caring at the same time. I have learnt all the rules of playing  golf and the principles  followed  while playing.

Sincere gratitude to the golf academy for improving my social capital.

My team at the academy has not only been about sports only but also an interaction with other professionals Iike nutritionists, engineers, Agriculturalist and  many more others.

My golf experience  has been a spectacular  one with lessons of active patience learnt, being kind to oneself in hard times, and most importantly  to focus despite distractions and all other factors just like my coach  always says” keep your eyes on the ball”.

It is a fact that most university students don’t engage in sports but my meaasge to them would be getting  a little sporty doesnt hurt with golf, exercise  is a guarantee, plus golf gives you an opportunity  to increase your social capital and finally for the fun i have had playing  golf, nothing compares to it.

Coach Harrison Kasaija says that sharon is a humble, hardworking and disciplined student and believes that she will be a great golfer.

AFRIYEA is the number golf Academy in Uganda, Africa training students from both the less privileged and privileged economies.

The Academy has trained over 70 kids and with a big dream to extend it’s training all over the country.