Solomon joined the Afriyea Golf Academy in September 2020 as a novice in the sport. He had never experienced the exhilaration of swinging a golf club, and we were keen to develop his skills from the ground up.

Since then, we have been privileged to witness his steady progress, as he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to improving every facet of his game. Balinda has proven himself an avid player, with his natural athleticism and keen eye translating to consistent performances on the golf course.

He has already overcome challenging hurdles, bagging numerous medals and trophies in the process. His hunger to attain even more is highly impressive and inspirational to other young budding golfers.

Balinda has shown great dedication in his training, spending countless hours perfecting his swing and honing his game strategy. His impressive work ethic has cultivated player discipline and focus, invaluable traits in the sport of golf.

We hope to continue nurturing and developing young talent like Balinda, promoting golf at the grassroots level, and contributing to the growth of the sport in Uganda. We are confident that with this kind of exemplary dedication shown by Balinda, more aspiring golfers will take up the sport and excel.