The Academy For Environment

Why Environment?

AFRIYEA Golf academy has a number of revolutionary programs on tree planting, plastic collection, plastic recycling, and community environment education among others.

The golf academy has established trees in all areas where it has its chapters and the academy students get engaged in monthly clean ups initiated by AFRIYEA with the aim to conserve and protect the environment.

AFRIYEA proffers a creative space for the students to learn and research more on environment sustainability. 

In Ruwenzori region, the campaign is called ‘free fort portal city and river Mpanga from plastics and polythene bags’. River Mpanga is a lifeline of 1.2 million people and it transverses 7 districts in the region before pouring its water in Lake George.

How we do it

AFRIYEA has established school environment clubs to help in firming the foundation of environment conservation in learning institutions
The environment clubs carry out
Environment debates within the schools and inter school competitions,
Environment story writing,
Environment poems

Environment tree planting

Environment challenges where youths recycle the products and the best is awarded.

Environment sensitization Campaigns

Environment media talkshows.

Our Articles and Publications

Fort Portal schools Join environmentalists in ‘Keep Fort-portal City clean’ monthly campaign

Buhinga Primary School Pupils together with their environment teachers on Wednesday joined the environmentalists in the monthly city clean up aimed at making Fort Portal city the cleanest city in Africa.

Tooro Youth Launch ‘Free Fort Portal City & Mpanga River From Polythene, Plastics’ Campaign

A section of Tooro youth through their organization of African Young Environment Activist (AFRIYEA) earlier this week launched a campaign to free their treasured town from plastics and polythene bags last year in September.

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