The urgent need for sustainable practices has never been higher than now. Climate change continues to worsen and cause detrimental impacts on biodiversity and essential beings. We must all make environmentally conscious decisions to protect our planet and embrace sustainable practices to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Last Saturday, June 10th, Miss Tourism Tooro/Uganda partnered with the AFRIYEA Golf Academy – Uganda and students from St. Mary Gorett, Fort Portal SS, and Nyakasura School to plant trees at Toro Club. This is just one of several events aimed at promoting environmental sustainability.

The event included training on the importance of planting indigenous trees and implementing sustainable planting practices. Isaiah Mwesige, the CEO of AFRIYEA Golf Academy, emphasized the critical need to protect the environment by avoiding littering with non-biodegradable materials, particularly plastics, which have become a global issue.


Mwesige further explained that the present generation must shift away from using plastics and embrace alternative packaging materials because plastics cause long-term damage to our environment and human health. He advocated for embracing tree planting initiatives, as trees offer a multitude of benefits to both the environment and human well-being.






























The youth participants at the event were enthusiastic about learning about the environment and sustainability. They were passionate about making a difference in their communities, and emphasized the importance of taking care of their environment. The joy and excitement of the students as they planted trees reflected their commitment to environmental sustainability. They offered a glimmer of hope and exemplified the power of collaboration toward a common goal.

Let The Pearl Shine Ambassador, Zakia Lucky, and expressed delight in working with passionate young individuals dedicated to environmental sustainability. She emphasized that the day’s activities are a testament to their commitment to building an ecosystem that creates a better world for present and future generations.#LetThePearlShine

In conclusion, the tree planting event and other sustainability initiatives show that everyone can take action to preserve our environment. We can all commit to environmentally friendly practices that lead to a sustainable world. Working together as a community, we can make a significant impact on our environment and ensure that we leave a thriving planet for future generations.