Golf!! Educate!! Inspire!! & Transform!! Welcome to the latest edition of AFRIYEA GOLF ACADEMY newsletter! e are thrilled to have this opportunity to connect with you and share the latest happenings, achievements, and exciting developments from our academy. As we progress through the year, we are continually inspired by the dedication and passion of our students, coaches, and staff. In this edition, we aim to provide you with a holistic view of the incredible strides we’ve taken in our mission to nurture talent and foster a nurturing environment for growth and excellence. From exceptional performances on the fairways to impactful community engagements, we have so much to share and celebrate with you and you can’t afford to miss it. Inside these pages, you’ll discover full details of the hole in one, champion of the interschool golf championship 2023, our coach participation in the high performance training conducted by the R & A, environmental sustainability, school golf training, Womens Golf Day, among other fascinating stories. FROM CLASSROOM TO FAIRWAYS Whilst golf is still dominated by the middle class and adults as players the approach to grassroots initiatives are away to breaking the barriers. More and more school, are embracing the sport of golf, and the enthusiasm shown by the children is truly heartwarming. It is a delightful sight to see the little girls and boys, with beaming smiles, hold golf clubs for the first time and exhibit unwavering commitment to learning every aspect of the game. Kyebambe Model Primary School, Green Circle School, St. Paul’s Primary School, Tooro Parents Education Centre, and many others have expressed their immense joy at having golf at their core on top of the academic’s agenda. As the popularity of golf continues to grow among schools, we recently witnessed the successful second edition of the AFRIYEA interschool Golf Championship held at the picturesque Toro Club in Fort Portal. This annual tournament welcomes primary and pre-primary school pupils, providing them an opportunity to showcase their golf skills. It also serves as a networking platform, where young golfers can interact with each other and exchange knowledge about various aspects of the game. By the end of an intense and exhilarating day of golf, TOORO PARENTS EDUCATION CENTRE EMERGED AS THE OVERALL WINNERS OF THE AFRIYEA INTERSCHOOL GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP 2023, surpassing Banyatereza Golden Memorial School, the defending champions from 2022. The competition was fierce, and it is truly inspiring to witness the talent and dedication displayed by these young golfers. In the subsidiary category, Alfred Ayesiga from Njara Primary School was recognized as the Best Male Player, showcasing exceptional skill and talent. On the other hand, Rovina Guma from Buhinga Primary School was honored as the Best Female Player, proving that there is immense talent and potential among young girls in the sport of golf. The development of golf in schools not only nurtures talent but also fosters a sense of discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork among the students. It opens up a world of opportunities for these young individuals, instilling values that will benefit them both on and off the golf course. It is encouraging to witness the growth of competitive golf among schools, and we are proud to be a part of this journey. The success of the AFRIYEA interschool golf championship and the increasing participation of schools in golf serve as a testament to the bright future of the sport. We hope that this trend will continue, creating a generation of skilled golfers who will represent Uganda with pride on national and international stages.   GROWING THE GAME!! GROWING THE GREEN!! As climate change continues to ravage the world, causing dramatic effects, it is evident that young people and women are the most vulnerable to its negative impacts. In Uganda, we are experiencing an increase in droughts, floods, and loss of biodiversity. In our unwavering commitment to environmental matters, AFRIYEA Golf Academy has made environmental sustainability our top priority. We have collaborated with Miss Tourism Uganda, Fort Portal SS, St. Mary Gorret, and Nyakasura to plant indigenous trees at Toro Club. This initiative not only contributes to environmental conservation but also enhances the club’s surroundings, provides vital habitats for biodiversity, and instills environmental education in the younger generation. The significance of tree planting cannot be overstated. Trees play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem by absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, preventing soil erosion, providing shade, and offering habitats to diverse flora and fauna. By actively participating in tree planting activities, we are actively combating climate change, promoting biodiversity, and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come. As an academy, we are committed to equipping young minds with the knowledge and understanding necessary to become environmental guardians. Through our golf training programs combined with environmental education activities, we inspire students to adopt sustainable practices such as waste reduction especially plastics energy and water conservation, and promoting recycling. Together, we can make a difference in preserving our environment and creating a sustainable future for all. INTERNAL COMPETITION AND SIMPLE PLAY While traditional formats of training remain the cornerstone of program on developing successful golf players, it is also important to create simplified formats that enhance children’s abilities to master specific aspects of the game. Simple competitions that require less time and space can help drive passion and increase participation among young people. In line with this approach, our academy successfully organized short par 3 challenges and short game competitions. These events offered young players the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete in a condensed format that focuses on key areas of their game. The objective of these competitions is to keep the children engaged and enthusiastic about their golf training. Par 3 challenges are designed to test a player’s ability to score well on shorter holes. By playing these shorter holes, young golfers can sharpen their accuracy and improve their ability to strategize and execute precise shots. Additionally, chip and putt challenges are organized to focus on short game skills, which are crucial in minimizing strokes and achieving lower scores. These challenges require players to demonstrate their proficiency in chipping the ball onto the green and then sinking the putt. This format allows young golfers to fine-tune their touch, control, and creativity around the greens. Moreover, these competitions serve as a stepping stone for young golfers to transition into more conventional formats as they grow and progress in their golf journey. The skills and strategies developed through these short par 3 challenges and short game competitions will undoubtedly benefit them in their future endeavors on the golf course. As an academy, we pride ourselves on providing a well-rounded golf training experience that caters to the needs and aspirations of young players. By incorporating these simplified formats and competitions, we ensure that our students have every opportunity to thrive and succeed in their pursuit of becoming skilled golfers. Moving forward, we are committed to expanding these internal student competitions, providing opportunities for more young golfers to participate and showcase their talent the introduction of short par 3 challenges and short game competitions has proven to be a valuable addition to our golf training programs. These formats not only enhance children’s abilities in specific aspects of the game but also cultivate enthusiasm and participation among young players. Through these competitions, we strive to ignite a lifelong love for golf and to nurture the next generation of talented golfers.
  DEVELOPMENT Education for coaches is one of the key factors for the success of any developing golf program-AFRIYEA GOLF ACADEMY   Coaches’ education involves students handling the content given. In May, the Uganda Golf Union selected one of the academy coaches to attend a high-performance training conducted by the team from R&A Scotland. Robert Happy, a Former National team player and currently a member of the Uganda Professional Golf Association, Club pro at Toro Club, and a Senior Coach at the AFRIYEA Golf academy, attended the conference. He has not only been able to utilize the skills he gained to coach the academy students but also shared them with the other coaches. The academy believes this is a significant step forward in creating a strong foundation for developing future stars. Coaching Philosophy My coaching philosophy is centered on the students and their individual goals. I believe in focusing on the fundamentals of a good swing and building a solid and successful foundation. Additionally, I believe that the mental aspect of the game is just as important as the physical. Therefore, my coaching philosophy revolves around helping the academy students stay focused and mentally tough during the learning process, training, and competitive times. By addressing both the physical and mental aspects of the game, I aim to guide the academy students towards their golfing ambitions while fostering a resilient mindset. Profile Name: Happy Robert Member: Uganda Professional Golf Association (UPGA) Club Pro: Toro Club Senior Coach:  Academy Golf Academy Since: 2020   HOLE-IN-ONE A hole in one is often considered the luckiest shot in golf. It is not something that can be guaranteed when teeing off, but rather requires high precision, dedication in training, and, of course, a bit of luck. After nearly six years of dedicated searching, Coach Mackline finally achieved her first hole-in-one at the country’s oldest course in Entebbe. The moment set the crowd ablaze with excitement. Not only did this remarkable feat occur during the highly competitive national women’s team qualifiers, but Mackline also finished in the 3rd position overall. However, Mackline was not the only coach from the academy to shine at this event. Lillian Koowe also qualified for the Uganda women’s national team 2023. This achievement will provide both coaches with the opportunity to represent Uganda in various national and international events. This achievement by Coach Mackline showcases her dedication to the sport and the extensive training she has undergone. Her hole-in-one at the national women’s team qualifiers not only highlights her technical skill but also her ability to perform under pressure. Similarly, Lillian Koowe’s qualification for the national team is a tremendous accomplishment, reflecting a shining example to the students coaching at the Afriyea Golf Academy. The academy takes great pride in the progress made by its coaches and students. Achievements such as these affirm their commitment to developing golf talent in Uganda and beyond. Through structured training programs, the academy strives to nurture players, enabling them to compete at the highest levels of the sport. As the academy continues to grow from strength to strength and produce exceptional golfers, it remains dedicated to providing training the grassroots, search for the opportunity for exchange programs with other golfing and educational institutions to share a wide perspective of the game of golf and its inherent values. INTERNATIONAL NEWS Credit: Nicole Wheatley Afield of 40 of the UK’s leading golf industry professionals graced the fairways at Gaudet Luce Golf & Leisure Complex in Worcestershire as the inaugural Golf Club Talk UK podcast Golf Day got under way. Conditions through the day were variable, with plenty of sharp spring downpours to keep the competition lively. The team winners were Dan Housley of Obbi Golf, Lawrence Liao of 3D and More and Gavin Robinson of Purley Downs, who also took the overall title on the day. Founders and hosts of The Golf Club Talk UK podcast Eddie Bullock and Leighton Walker were delighted with the turnout, which included representatives from several governing bodies including the GCMA, the CPGA, BIGGA and the R&A. Attendees of the event were raising money for the AFRIYEA Golf Academy in Uganda – cause very close to Bullock and Walker’s hearts. The GCTUK podcast provides an entertaining and informative look at Golf Club life in the UK. The show features interviews with the people that make things happen in the industry but also provides listeners with reviews of clubs that are at the top of their game. Largely the show is aimed at people working in the golf industry and who govern clubs. It aims to provide best practices and take a positive and forward thinking look at where golf clubs are heading in the United Kingdom. “We have been incredibly inspired to learn about the work going on in Uganda to create better opportunities for young people through golf,” explained Walker. “Rarely do you come across an organization that is using golf to such a way that it provides education and opportunities to youngsters to improve their own futures, which is why we were so keen to support them this year. ISAIAH TEES OFF AT THE HOME OF GOLF St. Andrews, known as the Home of Golf, is a dream course for many golf enthusiasts around the world. It is a historic and prestigious venue that has hosted countless memorable moments in the sport. For Isaiah, this year has been nothing short of extraordinary as he had the opportunity to tee off at the iconic St. Andrews course and experience the naturally kept greens and fairways firsthand. Stepping onto the hallowed grounds of St. Andrews, Isaiah felt a sense of awe and reverence. The course exudes a unique charm and a rich golfing heritage that is felt in every corner. The meticulously maintained greens and fairways are a testament to the legacy and meticulous care taken to preserve this historic and cherished course. For Isaiah, to play at St. Andrews it was a dream come true. Having honed his skills and passion for the sport, he earned this coveted opportunity through his dedication and hard work. Standing on the first tee, Isaiah felt a mix of nerves and excitement, knowing the significance of this moment in his golfing journey and the inspirational senses it created for the young golfers in Africa. As he teed off, Isaiah couldn’t help but reflect on the legends who had also played on these very same grounds. The likes of Gary player, Ernie Else, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and Seve Ballesteros had all graced these fairways in pursuit of victory. Navigating the challenging layout and undulating terrain, Isaiah felt a sense of accomplishment with every stroke. The course demanded precision and strategy, testing his accuracy and decision-making abilities. With each successful shot, he gained a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of the game and the significance of playing at such a renowned venue. Beyond the technical aspects, playing at St. Andrews also offered Isaiah a chance to immerse himself in the rich history and traditions of golf. The legendary Swilken Bridge, the atmospheric Old Course Hotel, and the iconic Royal & Ancient clubhouse all added to the magical experience. Every step he took reminded him of the countless golfers who have walked the same path, making memories and etching their names into the sport’s legacy. This opportunity to play at St. Andrews has left an indelible mark on Isaiah’s golfing journey. It has not only fueled his passion for the sport but also ignited a deeper appreciation for the traditions and history that make golf such a timeless and enchanting game. The experience has motivated him to continue honing his skills and pursuing excellence, with the ultimate goal of leaving his own legacy in the world of golf. As we continue to grow and evolve, we welcome your feedback, suggestions, to keep on improving our newsletter. We believe in the power of community, and your involvement is crucial to our collective success. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, we can create remarkable moments, foster growth, and inspire greatness. Enjoy this edition of our newsletter, and may it ignite your passion for all things golf, Education and environment sustainability. WOMEN’S GOLF DAY 2023 WAS SUCCESSFULLY HELD ON JUNE 6TH In an effort to grow the game and increase girls’ participation, our girls joined the global community in celebrating the day. A girls’ clinic was organized to encourage and motivate more young girls to overcome their fears and take up the game they love. Girls remain an underrepresented group in sports, especially in golf. However, great efforts are gaining momentum to increase their involvement and competitiveness. Setting up girls’ clinics and competitions is part of the strategy to ensure that girls have the same opportunities to enjoy the sport as their male counterparts. Women’s golf is creating a global niche for women to collectively showcase their efforts in inclusive and diverse game growth. 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