There are billions of galaxies in the cosmos, and billions of planets in each galaxy, but there is only one Earth.
#ONLYONEEARTH campaign for World Environment Day 2022 focuses on climate action while urging everyone to live sustainably in order to take positive steps towards a better future.
The first international conference with environmental preservation as a main agenda was held in Stockholm in 1972, and its worldwide celebrations began in 1974, making it the first world conference to recognize the ability to live in a healthy environment as a basic human right.

Every year on June 5th, this day is commemorated to raise awareness of the value of our motherland, the environment. While the globe is now dealing with climate change, which has resulted in forest fires, floods, and biodiversity loss, as well as plastic pollution and water pollution, all of which have had a severe influence on human health and agricultural productivity.

All of the efforts made to commemorate this day are extremely important all across the world, with UNEP and the UN spearheading the majority of the campaigns.
The formal celebration of World Environment Day in 2022 will take place in Sweden, where the inaugural meeting was held in 1972.

In frame a staff from the Albertine water management zone demonstrating a water catchment plan

The fight to save the environment necessitates a united front to emphasize environmental discipline. The adjustments that must be made varied depending on the region.
Walking or cycling instead of driving, seeking alternatives to plastics and polythenes, and recycling where possible Prioritize the use of natural fertilizers on golf courses and agricultural fields, as well as the implementation of regulations aimed at saving the environment through the planting of indigenous trees around the world.

Sports are one of the many ways to not only raise awareness about climate change but also to invest in it because sports fields require a healthy environment.

Staff from Albertine water management zone planting a tree on a golf course in Fort Portal

In Uganda, the Afriyea Golf Academy has created a sustainable partnership with the Ministry of Water and Environment, Toro Botanical Gardens, city councils, and other environmental based organizations to take action on climate change by planting trees, cleaning the city and river Mpanga, recycling plastics, and raising awareness.

AFRIYEA Golf Academy student carrying trees to plant.
AFRIYEA Golf Academy students

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