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In continental news:
A mission set to hoist the banister in ecstasy for the game of golf in Africa. Afriyea Golf Academy is fascinated to come to the spotlight of more periodicals in Africa. 
We featured in the We Women Magazine in a South Africa. Check pages 35 & 36 in the Magazine To follow the story open the link below, please use google chrome, and also opens faster on laptops than phones.

Startling promising stars in the Academy;
12-year Junior golf from Uganda Marty’s Way Primary School was inspired by a mother to join Golf.
Since time immemorial mothers have been role models for multiple luminaries and the anecdote of Isaac is no different as he was inspired by his mother, Peace Kabasweka who is one of Uganda’s finest female players.
Peace is a winner of the Entebbe ladies open 2022, winner of the UGC ladies open 2022, runner-up of the Uganda Ladies Open 2021, and 1st runner of the uganda ladies open 2022.
Even though Isaac hasn’t spent a bunch of time in golf he has already illustrated the proficiency of an outstanding player.

He joined golf in late 2020, He has amassed many encomiums in a variety of categories.
Isaac is described as calm, humble, and intelligent. His favorite facet of the game is driving and his best coach is a pro. Adolf Muhumuza. Isaac’s mission is to play professional golf and feature in major tours around the world. Because of golf Isaac says he has managed to create more friends and the game has enabled him to refine his demeanor both on-course and off course 

Player Profile
Name: Isaac Kabiito
Age: 12
School: Uganda Martyrs Primary School
Class: P.6
Student: AFRIYEA GOLF Academy
Joined Golf: 2020
Training Ground: Toro Club/ UGC
Best friend: Anzoo
Favorite color- Red
Best Dish – Chicken and Rice
Best friend: Anzoo
Best subject: Mathematics
Other sport(s) – Football

Know the Academy coaches;
Lillian Koowe, in born Kyenjojo District, Western Uganda.

The multi-talented lady golfer who enjoys sports like netball, freebies, and football besides golf is her main hubby.

She joined golf in 2018 and since then she has never looked back.

Because of golf, Lillian has traveled to almost all the East African countries to participate in a variety of championships.

The 7-handicap player and coach at Afriyea golf academy was also on the national team for the calendar year of 2021/2022.

At the academy, Lillian is in charge of the girl’s code of conduct and other disciplines that are intended for bolstering the participation of girls in the game.
Lillian has been part of the coaches since 2020.
Coach Profile Name: Lillian Koowe

Joined Golf: 2018Current HC: 07Coach: AFRIYEA GOLF ACADEMY

Member: Toro ClubInspirational player: Tiger Woods

Best color: Navy blue

Favorite tees: Wooden

Favorite ball: Pinnacle

Environmental protection:
Scientists have revealed that the nastiest impacts of climate change should be shielded by taking action to limit global temperatures from rising to 1.5°C or above pre-industrial levels.
At Afriyea Golf Academy we are extremely proud to be doing our little bit to protect the environment through clean-ups, tree planting, and community education among others.