I bring you greetings As your CEO of AFRIYEA Golf academy, I preferred to welcome you from the lengthy weekend, I hope you and your family had a fabulous time.
In our obligation as Afriyea Golf Academy to keep all the stakeholders posted about the numerous developments.
We imagined it fit to recapitulate for you some of the undertakings since 1st October 2022.
*Uganda’s sovereignty at 60*

As Uganda celebrated 60 years of independence this year in October the same month that coincided with international girl child day. As an academy, we intentionally aimed at establishing strategies for bolstering access for girls to play the greatest game.
International Day for Disaster Reduction is observed globally on October 13 to raise awareness about the impact of natural as well as man-made disasters. At Afriyea Golf Academy we are pleased to be joining the globe to combat all aspects of climate upheavals. On this day we committed time to do clean-ups around river Mpanga, the longest river in Rwenzori Region which serves more than 1.2 million people. We also carried out sensitization campaigns on a variety of radio stations.

International Day of the girl child 11th October. In continuing with our focus on putting the girls at the center of every program of the academy, we also joined the international community to commemorate the international girl child.
On this day we purposely created time to discuss our strategy of accelerating access and increasing girls’ participation in the game.

Intras-national In our obligation to grow our academy organically are delighted to inform you of how happy we are after a generous family from the Netherlands is currently donning the academy hoodies during their cold season.

Swing with us Growing the game