Mackline receiving her gift of appreciation| Credit David Isabirye- Kawowo Sports

In a stunning display of skill and precision, two young ladies from the Toro Club in Fort Portal made their mark on the national team by finishing among the top ten competitors in the Uganda Ladies National 2023 qualifying event. Mackline Nsenga and Lillian Koowe played over 54 holes in Entebbe and UGC, battling against some of the best golfers in the country to secure their spots that will enable them to represent the country in a myriad of national tournaments.

Lillian Koowe| Credit: David Isabirye- Kawowo Sports

Mackline Nsenga panned out to be a standout player, wrapping up an impressive third place with a score of 239, behind Eva Magala in the first position with a score of 229, and Gloria Mbaguta in the second with a score of 235. Mackline’s stunning shot-making skills earned her a special distinction when she hit the only Hole in One in the entire qualifiers, using a 9-iron and Taylormade ball to accomplish this feat.

Lillian Koowe also played a great game, finishing in the eighth position. Both Mackline and Lillian are members of the Toro Club and passionate coaches at the AFRIYEA Golf Academy, where they inspire and train young stars in the making.

AFRIYEA Golf Academy has illustrated the success of bringing the game of golf to young people of all abilities and ages.

AFRIYEA GOLF ACADEMY School Golf program | Credit: Nelly

Their outstanding performance at the qualifying event serves as an inspiration to young boys and girls who aspire to excel in the sport at different levels.

Their impressive display of brilliant golf shots, perseverance, and consistency proves that with dedication, hard work, and the right training, anyone can achieve their goals in golf.

Mackline and Lillian’s achievement is a testament to their commitment to nurturing young talent and guiding them toward their dreams of becoming great golfers.

Their success will undoubtedly encourage other young golfers to aim high and work hard to achieve their goals in the sport.

The Uganda Ladies National 2023 will undoubtedly be an exciting team all rounds, and we are proud of Mackline and Lillian, who will represent our community on this grand stage. Their success is a testament to our commitment to the development of our mission in Uganda and provides a shining example for the younger generation of aspiring golfers.

Joyce Kisembo and Janet Kabayonga were some of the players that finished outside the outline of the top 10 but are both promising players who will need to hone a few areas in their game to qualify in 2024.



Top 10
1. Eva Magala
2. Gloria Mbaguta
3. Mackline Nsenga
4. Meron Kyomugisha
5. Judith Babirye
6. Martha Babirye
7. Wendy Angu’ Deyo
8. Lillian Koowe
9. Harriet Kitaka
10. Resty Nalutya

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