An Opportunity to Learn, Have Fun, and Make New Friends

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Holiday Golf program 
Date: 21st August 2023
Venue: Toro Club 
Conducted by: AFRIYEA Golf Academy 
The holiday season is a much-needed break for children, allowing them to unwind and take a step back from the constant stream of academic demands. It’s the perfect time to introduce them to the game of golf, a sport that not only enables them to have a great time but also fosters new friendships with kids from various schools.
The program is set to commence on Monday, 21st August 2022. Designed for children of all skill levels, it provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of golf. From perfecting their drive to mastering the art of putting, participants will learn everything they need to play the game with confidence. They will also gain an understanding of the rules, enabling them to call out penalties when necessary – including those sneaky attempts to move that bothersome leaf blocking their ball!
For intermediate and advanced golfers, we offer specialized sessions to further enhance their skills. These classes will focus on developing different golf techniques, taking their game to the next level.
To wrap up the holiday program, we have organized a thrilling competition for both parents and children. This popular Parent-Children golf competition will be the highlight of the event, fostering a spirit of teamwork and friendly competition. Parents will team up with their children, creating a memorable experience for all.
Join us for an exciting and fulfilling holiday golf training program that will leave lasting memories. It’s an excellent opportunity for children to learn, have fun, and develop a genuine passion for the game. 
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