By Kids For Kids – that’s the motto of The Kids Golf Podcast, a powerful new golf podcast pulling together young golf enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

On episode four host Christian Muhimbo, from Uganda, catches up with Austin Nesbitt from Jeff Chambers Golf Academy in Saskatchewan, Canada, to talk all things golf.

At just 12 years-old Austin has already established himself as one of Canada’s top three junior golfers in his age category. Blazing past fierce competition, Austin’s remarkable skills have earned him seven wins in 12 tournament starts this season mirroring the sort of form displayed by his idols Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

Austin generously spills the beans on his winning tricks, training routines, and game management strategies during the podcast. He also lauds the unmatched support provided by Jeff Chambers Golf Academy, whose unwavering commitment to nurturing young talent serves as a rock-solid foundation for their golfing aspirations.

The Kids Golf Podcast provides children with a platform to share their experiences within the game, fostering cross-cultural learning, kindling passions for golf, and forging connections that stretch far beyond the perimeters of the fairway.

Austin and Christian’s conversation epitomizes the power of sports in bridging divides and unifying young players across continents. They eagerly exchange perspectives on their golfing journeys, sharing insights into training practices, game approaches, and the delicate mental aspect of the sport.

Created by kids, for kids, the Kids Golf Podcast continues to serve as an inspirational platform for the next generation of golfers. It offers an exclusive peephole into their golfing realm, promoting skill development, camaraderie and cultural exchange. By fostering connections among young players such as Austin and Christian, the Kids Golf Podcast is undoubtedly leaving an enduring mark on the global golfing community.

As the boundaries of the podcast expand to embrace more young golfers worldwide, it paves the way for future collaborations, uplifting aspiring talents, and exemplifying the boundless power of sports to transcend borders.

For those new to Jeff Chambers Golf Academy, it was founded by the PGA of Canada Board of Director, Tournament Director for the Maple Leaf Junior golf tour for 18 years, previous PGA of SK President, and former Head Professional of Elmwood Golf Club.

About the AFRIYEA Golf Academy, it’s Uganda’s number one golf academy that focuses on golf, education, life skills, and environmental sustainability.