Golf Programs

Golf Programs

Junior Golf Program

This a tailored program for children of all abilities that provides a pathway to bring together all facets of the game at every level to help the juniors to reach their full potential.

We use this to help students to gain self-confidence because of the junior golf program, as well as more active participation in leadership opportunities, community development, and environmental conservation. Our coaches not only impart golf information and provide opportunities to improve golf skills, but they also provide a safe, supportive, and empowering environment in which your child may prepare for the challenges ahead, such as friendships, school, and even a profession. Daily,the participants gain a better grasp of life skills and golf development. We develop learning experiences that help youngsters discover their inner power, self-confidence, and resilience, which they can carry with them in all they do, by effortlessly blending the game of golf with character-building.

School Golf Program

The Schools Program is meant to make golf entertaining, inclusive, and enriching for young people. Our activities teach life skills and urge students to consider how they may use them outside of the playground. At the local golf club, students are urged to have a memorable and delightful experience. We believe that connecting students to golf through the in-school program with facilities engaged in delivering best-in-class junior golf programs is the natural next step in growing youth participation in the game of golf. This will help to further introduce the sport and assist in developing a passion for golf.

This program is inertly created at changing the morals/conduct/behaviors of the children whilst using golf as fundamental change for life.

May golfers say that the friends you make during a game are friends for life This means that the benefits of this sport is beyond the physical benefits where by helps the little ones to build relationships with other boys and girls, making new friends in a wholesome setting.

Girls for Golf Program

We strive to provide girls with the opportunity to fall in love with golf by providing the most “girl-friendly” environment possible at the Afriyea Golf Academy. [insert female golfers]

The golf professionals take pride in this program and work hard to ensure that each lady has a good time while learning the fundamentals of the game. Various contributors also collaborate with us and assist us in engaging the girls in a variety of activities throughout each session.

Disability Program

Golf is a sport for everyone. Regardless of age, gender, physical conditions, or physical challenge, it’s a great way to build friendships and to exercise, while providing an opportunity for personal challenge and growth. There is no reason why the sport shouldn’t be enjoyed by all, including those with disabilities.  AFRIYEAGolf Academy wants to encourage all golfers to play the game, regardless of any disability that they may have. There are many organizations for disabled golfers throughout the world offering opportunities for disabled athletes to learn the game, to play and to compete.

We believe golf is a therapeutic, social and psychological treatment for everyone but the disabled people they need it more than any else and that is why the academy mirrored it as an important area to be fully incorporated in her program

The academy organizes both special clinics and general group training for for the disabled children and this has helped in creating social networking among the children and parents.

This program has yielded success in increasing the students’ self-esteem, confidence, respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity and perseverance


Our academy excellence is secretary hidden in its DNA of partnership with organizations/associations/ golf clubs/companies etc.  We are therefore open to different forms of partnerships that can great impact change in the lives of the children.

Mentorship Program

Students benefit from Professionals in the area who provide formal mentorship, employment opportunities and lend their expertise in the classroom. Prior to the start of each academic year, local Professionals are to be recruited to personally coach and mentor each incoming student. The relationship begins at the year kickoff and continues throughout the academic year. The program sets up our students for professional success from the moment they arrive on the golf course. As it is always said experience is the best teacher.

Parents in Golf Program

Parents of junior golfers, like parents of all young athletes, are generally involved in every aspect of their development. That’s just a part of parenthood. They buy our children’s equipment, serve as their chauffeurs, monitor their practice, and are their first and most enthusiastic cheerleaders.This program golf tip for parents focuses on how to support your children before, during, and after competition.

Internship Program

Through extensive classroom studies and internship experience, Golf Management program though the internship program prepares you to take on the business side of the golf industry, including marketing, budgeting, merchandising, instruction, golf cart fleet management and tournament operations. You’ll also develop excellent customer service in the areas of teaching, customer relations and technology

Advocacy Program

Afriyea golf academy offers many resources through donations and fundraisings for building your advocacy skills, learning about Congress, making your case, and getting involved in advocacy for your golf course.

Street Golf Program

Golf is a game that is widely known for the rich and corporates. Surprising many children in the various parts of the world just yearn to see and hold the club which they call the “stick”

The Afriyea Golf Academy has started a revolution to provide access to golf by going into the streets to introduce golf which has enabled over 50 young people to access the game. These are helpless due to poverty levels languishing in their homes due to lack of jobs, education and access to better opportunities.

With AFRIYEA Golf academy being known for using golf to provide opportunities to all classes of people in numerous sectors namely education, environment, and social skills, it looked at introducing an all-inclusiveness campaign labeled “Street Golf” comprising of people of all abilities.

The campaign aims at visiting innumerable streets around Uganda with an effort to disseminate knowledge about golf and actualize the academy’s objectives. Above all, we offer communities an opportunity to use golf equipment for which they thought would never happen in their lives thusly creating closure and building rapport with the common person.

Street Golf is a first of its kind initiative in Uganda which focuses on networking and interacting with the individuals on ground. Particularly those that have a false mentality about the game of golf and those interested but have no access to the golf premises or chances to ever play due to multiple limitations. 

Our main objective in this course of action is to offer accessibility of golf services to the most deprived in society. Individuals will learn how to hold and swing a golf club as well as the other equipment available. Street Golf also emphasizes uplifting lives by speaking out on issues of society for example domestic violence, gender-based violence, poverty among others.

As the academy continues its pursuit of change, it encourages other individuals to join in support for the cause.