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What you need to Know

Afriyea Golf Academy is Uganda’s number golf academy and the satellite and principal golf academy on the continent of Africa dedicated to providing excellent resources for young golfers who are looking to turn their passion for golf into a career.

We have created a pathway for children from all walks of life into the game through our robust academy programs.

The internship and placement are aimed at providing opportunities to our students and anyone else around the world with international to forge a career in golf.

Our golf internships and placements program has been designed to give young golfers a head start in their careers by providing them with real-world, hands-on experience in the golf industry. Through our partnerships with major clubs, companies, organizations, golf tournaments, and events, we offer students an opportunity to get involved with course management, turf management, coaching organizing, managing, and promoting tournaments as well as other golf events.

The internship and placement program focuses on developing the practical aspects of golf skills, such as the mechanics of the swing, course management techniques, customer service, and interpersonal communication.

Our program is open to all students, whether they are currently studying at Afriyea Golf Academy or are graduates seeking to begin a career in golf.

This program is also tailored to fit individual needs, whether a student wishes to work with top golf professionals or behind the scenes on tournament planning, thereby helping students to build and develop their professional network.

Our approach is not only geared towards enhancing a student’s golf skills, but also towards providing them with valuable life skills such as professionalism, teamwork, and leadership, that will be useful in any career path that they choose to pursue.

There are numerous benefits to our golf internship and placement program.

It provides students with the opportunity to get their foot in the door of the competitive golf industry, gain practical skills and experience that are highly sought after by employees in the industry, and build their professional network. Such opportunities further develop the character and life skills of students to grow from merely being golfers to enthusiasts or even professionals.

At Afriyea Golf Academy, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible resources to enable them to achieve their goals. If you are interested in taking advantage of our golf internship and placement program, get in touch with us today, and we will help you take the first step toward building a successful career in golf.