Fort Portal |Uganda 
In a remarkable display of commitment to holistic education, Tooro Parents Education Center in western Uganda has ventured beyond the traditional confines of the classroom to embrace the beautiful game of golf.
Through a fruitful partnership with the AFRIYEA Golf Academy, the school has witnessed a surge of enthusiasm and skill among its learners with boys and girls as young as 4 eagerly taking up the sport.
This academy’s compilation delves into the school’s journey towards greatness, highlighting its groundbreaking approach to golf as well as the positive impact it has had on academic performance.
Drawing inspiration from their golf lessons, the learners have started to apply game plans and an acute attention to detail to improve their academic pursuits.
This unique integration of golf techniques into their academic endeavors has paved the way for enhanced focus, strategic thinking, and an elevated level of discipline among the learners.
On Friday, the 4th of August 2023 the AFRIYEA Golf Academy orchestrated a surprise internal school golf competition at the picturesque Toro Club in Fort Portal, the very training grounds that have nurtured the academy’s aspiring golfers. 
This riveting event put the students’ burgeoning skills to the test, featuring challenges such as chip and putt plus short hole play challenges. The children brought their A-game, showcasing remarkable performances and underscoring their rapid progress in the sport.
As a testament to their outstanding achievements, the winners of the competition were rewarded with motivational golfing items, including golf shoes,  and even educational materials such as books and pens.