Mother’s day celebration is a reflection on the special bond that exists between mothers and  children.
The celebration of mothers should be a practice of everyone every day because of their bravery hearts of being the epicenter of all that’s happening in the world.
They are our mentors, teachers, role models, councilors, they are always abused because of our wrong doing and therefore a 24hour everyday celebration is worth to the people that sacrifice  all their lives to protect us right from day one we are formed in their wombs.

Below is a collection of scripts We’ve put together a few messages from our students and parents

I always dreamt of being a mother and I would draw pictures in my memories of how I would be with my children. And with God’s blessings I became one .mothers are such wonderful gifts that everyone should cherish and love beyond.
 Happy mother’s day to all moms
-Justine Niwagaba-

There is no heroism greater than motherhood
All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother  
Happy mother’s day my forever best friend I love YOU
– Aisha Kabasita-

They are the strongest pillars of our foundation.
On this day and the for rest of the days, we recognize and appreciate their zeal to making us who we’re.
You’re amazing and forever loved

-Hellen Evans-

Moms are perhaps the most selfless people in the world. One cannot count the sacrfices they make to ensure their kids happiness and well-being. However their softness is not to be taken for granted. For they can do anything  to protect their children from harm

-Hope cissy-

To you super mummies!!! Watching you is amazing and I am so proud of you, and how you make everything look so effortless.

M- Magnificent
O- Outstanding
T- Tender teacher
H- honourable
E- Extraordinary
R- Role model

Being a full time mother is  the highest salaried job because its payment is pure love. To be able to say the word MOM, the lips have to touch each other twice   as a sign of unity and love. A mother understands what a child does not say and hears what is not said. 

Happy mother’s day to all mothers and mother figures.
-Phelix Ruyonga-

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All we need is a dollar and a dream.

My mum is more than a fearless women, she is more a super hero, she is more than a friend, she is my life

“Nakupenda Saana  Yangu”

Swing with us to transformation 
Any day any time.