Father’s Day is an extraordinary juncture celebrated worldwide to revere fathers and father figures for their unwavering love, unparalleled guidance, and unrelenting support. In African culture, this day holds mammoth meaning as fathers are considered the bedrock of a family. At the Afriyea Golf Academy, students share a proclivity of gratitude and adoration for their fathers on this momentous day.

Thaddeus Byaruhanga in action

Thaddeus Byaruhanga, a prodigious student at the Afriyea Golf Academy, says, “I am exceedingly grateful for my father’s unflagging support throughout my sojourn at the academy. He has remained my most significant motivator, without whom I wouldn’t have been where I am today.”

John Terry in Action

Similarly, John Terry Mugisa, another formidable student at the academy, shares, “My father is my Muse and role model. He has inculcated in me the essence of discipline and hard work, which has inevitably helped me to excel not only in golf but also in various aspects of my life.”

The history and significance of Father’s Day can be retraced over a century ago. It emanated from the US in honor of William Smart and was later institutionalized as National Day by Sonora Smart Dodd, his daughter, to celebrate fathers. Today, Father’s Day is deemed a global spectacle, and the love and appreciation for fathers are universally adored.

Father’s Day at the Afriyea Golf Academy is a special day where students express their gratitude, respect, and love toward their fathers, who are the backbone of their families. This day is an opportunity to rejoice in the bond between a father and child and the lifelong impact that fathers have on their children’s lives.