To The Management and Members of the Toro club Fort Portal,  We point you towards the aforementioned topic.We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the management, Members and staff at Toro club-Fort Portal for your kindness and assistance … Read More

Banyatereza Golden Memorial Primary school wins 2022 Inter-schools golf tourney

Banyatereza Golden memorial primary school was the overall champion during the 2022 AFRIYEA Inter-schools golf championship in Fort Portal city 1st Inter-schools golf tournament: Top Performers: Overall winners: Banyatereza Golden Memorial Primary school Runners up: Tooro Parents Education center Aptitude Test winners: Glory to … Read More

14 schools confirmed for inaugural AFRIYEA Inter-Schools Golf tourney

Some of the schools confirmed for the first edition of the AFRIYEA Interschools golf meet include; Tooro Parents Education Centre, Buhinga primary school, Banyatereza primary school, Green Circle Primary School, Glory to Glory, Early Bird Nursery School, Mary and Joseph … Read More

AFRIYEA: Growing Junior Golf participation in schools

AFRIYEA Golf Academy covers the fundamental basics of the game that children requires to play the game of golf including learning about Set Up, Swing & Course Play among others. Thomas Jefferson famously stated that a person of any age … Read More

AFRIYEA Golf Academy intensifies environmental conversation drives

AFRIYEA Golf Academy has maintained their tremendous developmental programs in the growth of the game of golf, especially among the youth as well as environmental conservation. Through their “Golf and environment education in schools” program, the group has intensified the … Read More

AFRIYEA Golf Academy celebrates 2022 Father’s Day

On this special Father’s Day, many families will eagerly be rubbing dust off their clubs to enjoy some rounds of golf as part of their celebration with dads on this special day. Every third Sunday of June each year, Father’s … Read More

Uganda joins the world to celebrate International Women’s Golf Day

Women’s Golf Day events have taken place in over 1000 locations in nearly 80 countries since its inception in 2016 and have introduced thousands of women and girls to take up the game. For the seventh year since 2016, the … Read More

Only One Earth: Kabarole Resident District Tree Planting

There are billions of galaxies in the cosmos, and billions of planets in each galaxy, but there is only one Earth.#ONLYONEEARTH campaign for World Environment Day 2022 focuses on climate action while urging everyone to live sustainably in order to … Read More


Asaba Edson Ruyonga is set to officiate the voluntary city cleaning for the month of May 2022 slated 27th Friday. The efforts to be the greenest city in Africa Theme: A clean environment a peaceful cityWhilst it is the government and its arms … Read More

Celebrating Our Mothers!
Happy Mothers’ Day

Mother’s day celebration is a reflection on the special bond that exists between mothers and  children.The celebration of mothers should be a practice of everyone every day because of their bravery hearts of being the epicenter of all that’s happening … Read More