Denis Asaba, Ibrahim Aliga and Chris Baguma need a combined 18,660 US for travel and other expenses to the USA after landing scholarship at Livingstone University.

Denis Asaba follows a played ball during a competition

Three Ugandan young golfers have been invited by the Livingstone University in the United States of America (USA) for education and golf careers.

The trio of Denis Asaba, Ibrahim Aliga and Chris Baguma are the lucky youngsters.

Each of them needs 6,220 US dollars equaling to 18,660 US for travel and other expenses.

Asaba hails from Tooro golf club in Fort portal. He he is one of the top players at this club and also a coach of AFRIYEA golf academy whose role in the academy is to bring inspiration and international exposure to motivate the youngsters to excel in the golf and education.

He notes that the US scholarship will help him to improve on his golf skills as well as introducing him to other professional golfers.

I am happy that I have got the opportunity to upgrade my studies and I will also use the opportunity to inspire more youths especially those in the academy and those who haven’t joined to embrace the sport that can create the opportunities for them. We do not have the funds to facilitate my transportation to the US and I have been appealing to the government through the ministry of sports and some organizations to help me otherwise I can miss the opportunity,” Asaba said.

Denis Asaba, Tooro Golf Club member

Asaba and Ibrahim Aliga recently represented Uganda in Toyota Junior World Cup in Japan where Uganda was the first East African country to play in this tournament.

He picked important learning lessons from the Junior World Cup that was won by Spain.

Chris Baguma, a national team player merged in the second position in the 2021 Rwenzori Equity Open at Toro club which was won by his senior national team captain Joseph Cwinyaai.

They are expected to join the other Ugandans who are already in USA to further their education and to develop their talent of golf.

The Ugandans already in US include Daniel Baguma, Jakisa Emmanuel, Edrine Okwong, Ronald Otile and Titus Okwong who also doubles as Ambassadors for AFRIYEA Golf Academy in the North Carolina State.

To help the youngsters raise the funds, AFRIYEA Golf academy has launched a fundraising drive to mobilize money from all the friends, sportsmen and women, companies and organization that can help to raise the money for the boys to achieve their dream of studying and playing golf in the states

AFRIYEA golf Academy that focuses remains on training children on how to become the best professionals in the sport of golf and also to help them to use golf as way to achieve their education careers.