School children happily show off the tree seedlings that were planted around the tourism Fort Portal city

AFRIYEA Golf Academy has maintained their tremendous developmental programs in the growth of the game of golf, especially among the youth as well as environmental conservation.

Through their “Golf and environment education in schools” program, the group has intensified the environmental protection and conservation drives.

Young golfers pose on the golf course
Clean up Fort Portal campaign
One of the trees planted shielded from encroachers

The activities being undertaken entail cleaning up exercises as well as tree planting.

The recent drive was dubbed “clean up campaign, free Fort Portal city and River Mpanga from plastics and polythene bags”.

Removing the sediments from River Mpanga

Our value is to shape the globe where people & communities thrive well by walking the talk thruough managing the negative impact, promoting the culture of sustainability through tree planting, plastic collection & education.

Isaiah Mwesige, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AFRIYEA Golf Academy – Uganda.
Cleaning plastics in the streams
Cleaning up of plastics

Environmental Protection:

 AFRIYEA is fully committed to team up with distinctive partners to clean and educate the community about environment protection both on and off the golf courses every month.

The academy students, coaches & environmental cognoscente are always on the forefront of their exercise.

Involvement of school children in the environmental protection exercises

The AFRIEYA team has also provided career enlightenment to pupils in primary schools and many students in secondary institutions.

The intent of this is to accouter learners with imperative skills and values that can help them to make informed decisions on their pathway in order to stage a successful transition, using Golf for education and life skills.

Isaiah Mwesige, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – AFRIYEA Golf Academy – Uganda
Smiles during a cleaning exercise around Fort Portal city

People and nature synchronize congenially and therefore the group targets working together with local communities, to contribute to conserve biodiversity and strive to achieve a zero-balance environment load through activities that leave communities rich in nature for the future.

The schools engaged include Kahugabunyoyi Primary School, Golden Star, Banyatereza, Green Circle School, Glory to Glory, Tooro Parents, Buhinga Primary School, Njara Primary and St. Paul’s.

For starters, AFRIYEA Golf Academy is deeply rooted in the core values of academic excellence, hard work, inclusiveness, results-based, accountability, friendliness, sportsmanship, and environment consciousness.

No doubt, AFRIYEA is Uganda’s leading golf Academy that is bringing the game of golf and its benefits to all the youth and underprivileged children.

This is by enriching them with various professions including the game of golf, education, life skills, environmental and social opportunities.

AFRIYEA Golf Academy has several partners as Tooro Golf Club, Aspire Sports Scholarship, Masindi Golf and Sports Club, Mizuno and Mountains of the Moon University.

The cleaning exercise of River Mpanga to deslit the stream

Credit: Author: David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events. More by David Isabirye

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