A new week has arrived and we are much optimistic that you had a marvelous weekend as we did in any circumstance things didn’t go as you had desired we are confident that this week will prevail in success for your side.

A 1-year-old Aspiring golfer celebrates her birthday in style. I

inaugurating future stars into the game The earlier you start, the better chance you have of success & the reward

The Afriyea Golf academy has made it a point to create a space for the little ones to always access, and watch players & touch equipment to prod the attention of juveniles to join golf⛳.

Abija made her cycle of 365day on the beautiful planet as she aspires and grins at only golf.
Her future in golf tints is already luminous as she has continued to take everyone by surprise with her commitment and enthusiasm for the game at an early age.


The Academy model has already illustrated enormous triumph in bringing youths from different walks of life.

The mode of the academy has now crossed borders as the Academy gears to spread its wings across the entire continent of Africa.

In the concluded week the academy made another step forward as it made a strategic partnership to expand its program to Tanzania to make its 3rd Annex at Morogoro Golf club in Tanzania, this follows the already existing annexes of Afriyea golf academy at Toro club in Fort Portal and Masindi Golf Club in Midwestern Uganda.

The academy is striving to be the satellite and principal golf academy on the continent of Africa.

Coaches TIP

One or two practice swings are vital and helpful in assessing the back swing cadence. For partial shots, a practice swing is indispensable to give you the feel of the shot & ensure you fly the ball the right expanse to the pin & desired path.

Lizzie Enjoying Golf
Most of the time all they want is only a place that can permit them to do what they love most.
The Afriyea Golf Academy has mastered the art that can discover the hidden talents of children as well as studying things that make them happy.

As dozens of world leaders gathered in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, last week for the U.N. climate summit, known as COP27 to debate how to minimize the threats of climate change and look at actions to avert climate change.

The Academy was also in her niche creating awareness and also focusing on a variety of actions like tree planting and plastic collection.

It’s not a secret that the future of our planet desperately has got to be protected, with outlook alteration already wrecking disarray on our natural environment. To protect future generations, we need to adopt action-based frameworks to support the natural restoration of our env’t♻️.